Outdoor and indoor drone photos and drone video with smart drone

Flexible service for industry, agriculture, advertising agency and individuals

Take high-resolution photos, panoramas, and videos. With images, you can document and assess the current state of a building or construction site from a perspective that would otherwise be more costly or time consuming. With several professional American-made smart drones, we can cover your needs or even provide a customized solution for your unusual needs.

Építőipar, ipari környezet

Construction, industrial environment

Take aerial shots safely under difficult conditions

Automatikus útvonalrepülés

Automatic route flight

Bird's-eye view is the same in space but different in time

Beltéri drónozás

Indoor droning

Reliable flight inside the hall and warehouse

Timelapse drónnal

Timelapse with drone

Special and unique solutions from a single source

The construction, urban and special industrial environment

The construction, urban and special industrial environment

Electrosmog-cluttered urban and metal-filled industrial environments typically adversely affect the operation of everyday drones. Our technology is optimized for this environment, no problem with many WiFi networks, electrical noise and many metal surfaces.

In the case of construction work, we can document important events or record the current status, such as the location of wires, piping, and the exact mesh of the reinforcing bars. These are an important element in the further work and enlargements.

You can create spectacular and useful videos with accelerated timelapse video. In this solution our partner the


Automatic route flight

Drón automatikus útvonarepülésThe ability of our smart drones to fly a route determined by GPS coordinates at specific altitudes and speeds can be flown multiple times at any later time.

This allows us to provide the same view, even with greater temporal variation, to allow easy comparison of the area. In the film, it is thus possible to take a year to complete a full circle around an object.

Use of drone in agriculture and forests

Assessing the condition of vegetation, plantations, finding dry areas, or where vegetation develops differently, is essential to achieving high yield, consistent, and high quality produce. You can find pests damaged by pests on a large estate with high-resolution panoramas. From the height it is possible to see where the productivity of the soil differs and the differences in the development of the plants are well visible.

The forest can be more easily mapped from a bird's eye view, showing where dried-up trees, sparse, planted areas or overgrowth are. This results in more efficient land use and more and more beautiful trees.

The importance of drones in flood protection, lake and river management

In order to assess the damage caused by the flood, it is necessary to record the condition of the flood before the flood, so that after the flood can be detected the damage and change of the structures, plants, arable land in the area. This is a demonstrative opportunity.

After the retreat, you can watch and photograph the riverside in a short period of time. Large areas of water and reeds can also be quickly investigated to analyze the fauna or even find a lost person.

Indoor droning

Indoors is much more difficult to use indoors than outdoors, where there is plenty of space. Indoors, you need to be very careful when traveling in smaller areas, and drones may not be used automatically due to the loss of GPS reception, for example. This requires great practice and a suitable drone.

We make drone video indoors, even in extremely tight spaces, and we can take a photo from a point where it would not be possible otherwise.

Property sale and property survey with drone

With a drone video, you can get a closer look at the property you want to sell and its surroundings from a bird's eye view. The show will attract more visitors, and the potential buyer will benefit from getting more information so you can sell at a higher price.

The condition of the roof of a building can be easily and much faster assessed by high-resolution aerial photography, eliminating the need for scaffolding and more frequent inspection of the condition of the roof.

We also work at very reasonable prices for individuals.

Flyer from the air

Distributing a flyer from the air, an attention-grabber that is not even close to a traditional flyer, the result of which is most often going to the trash without reading.
For example, in the summer, the news of a specialty pancake dropped on a beach or a specialty ice cream is guaranteed to reach everyone, you can rest assured that the line will increase before your buffet.

For social and mass events, the airline flyer is an appealing call, you can reach the interest you need.

Corporate event, video clip and wedding

The drone videos are very spectacular in the promotional video for events, but you need to pay attention to the proper drone usage rates. The height and unique perspective give a much more interesting sight, attracting the eye. It shows more of the environment and the moving crowd becomes more spectacular.

We recommend our partner for organizing calligraphic tables and wedding organizing

Kalligrafikus táblák Hilda wedding

Complete movies, time-lapse videos and creative short films

We can make videos of various lengths from raw videos and photos. With the help of a professional handheld camera and lighting, we also produce reports and product presentations.

We can use free or even royalty-free music from audio libraries, but if you wish, we can make music that suits your taste.

Our partner in making short films is Endizájn.

Endizájn a kisfilmes

Features of our smart drones

Repülőkamera drón

The capabilities of our drones

One of the most advanced open source autopilot UAVs with no software limitations. Fully autonomous flight that is perfectly safe even in urban areas crowded with WiFi networks.

It can also be used in industrial conditions, and flying above water is not problematic in winter in summer.

Customer reviews

After completing our work, we ask for an evaluation, some of which are:

"A szolgáltatással maximálisan elégedett vagyok."

Főnix Security Kft. Megrendelő

"Rugalmas hozzáállás, gyors problémamegoldás, minőségi munka, korrekt együttműködés. Más projektjeinken is fogunk együttműködni!"

West Hungária Bau Kft Megrendelő

"Alapvetően gyors és mindenre kiterjedő tájékoztatást kaptunk. A telepítés során tapasztaltunk némi rugalmatlanságot. Viszont ezt kárpótolja az azóta folyamatosan nyomon követhető munkavégzés. Még egy pici negatívum: két napja a kamera nem elérhető."

Penta Industry Kft. Megrendelő

We are creative people striving for flexibility and perfection.


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